Yoga, Man.

Yoga, man. It’s where it’s at. I’m not the type of lady who can afford it, but I sure like it. It started when Sophia started started getting seizures in the dead of winter. HD works nights (and has since the kids were babies). I was at the end of my rope and I started thinking about mindfulness and went to a class. It was glorious. But then I could never get back because money and kids. Soundscapes on music choice (our “sleepytime music”) got me thinking maybe I could try it at home? I’ve been doing really good at running (not at eating well after 7 PM) and I know I need to add something because I keep hitting the wall and chasing the dragon (the really good run I do maybe once every two weeks where I can breathe and nothing hurts). With Yoga at least I can get some good stretches and maybe calm my damn assed nerves down. Well, it worked.

My only time alone is early in the morning (5AM). I like to get up and sneak around in the quiet. After about 30 minutes, I start wanting to do heavy lifting, organize drawers, or move furniture. Then I get disturbed by people and everything is a big mess. So I tried Yoga instead. On Amazon Prime. It took me a couple of different videos to find a good one: Jess Tismit. She really knows how to Yoga.

I’m not saying it didn’t hurt. I’m not saying it didn’t maybe help me put out my back because I thought I was hot shit and tried splits but then my sciatic bullcrap kicked in and hasn’t really gone away. But I still really like being forced to slow down and concentrate on something that is showing results. I even have a yoga mat and Skyzone socks in a special basket. Sometimes I wake up late and can’t do it everyday and I try to not get PISSED about it. I’m working on it. Yoga helps.

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